[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: netmeeting

Hello, Le dimanche 24 octobre 2004 à 22:37 +0200, lambert Bernard a écrit :

I am certainly stupid i have read the faq , lok at the menu in windows with netmeting but in still did 'nt understand how i can see GN user ?
nowhere to put the ils.seconix.com server

I know you speak french so here is a page in french that explains it :

Thanks but that's about netmeeting 3.0. now you can only finf MSM messenger 6.0 which containt metmeeting but in this product it is (as i hnow) impossible to choice and Ils server. if that's was possible my problem will be solved, and I can explain to my daughter how configure her MSM.
on the other hand i don' see haw can i call a user which use netmeeting and msm.com with an adresse to hotmail.com ?

Netmeeting/GnomeMeeting only work by dialing an IP address, or a callto
address of a person registered to ILS. If you want to call somebody on
IM, that won't work, that is not the same protocol anymore.

Do I should understand if I know the ip adresse of MSM messenger relote PC i can call it with GN (what port 1720 ? )


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