Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting is crashing after a connection

I am not using a Quickcam express Camera. I am using a CCD with a capture 
video card. I guess that the problem is with sound. I made an experience 
desabling the sound events and it seems that the problem didn't happened. The 
problem is not a crash properly but gnomemeeting is closed suddenly when a 
someone call me. I don't send any command to close but gnomemeeting is closed 
without any message telling me why.

Em Seg 25 Out 2004 05:28, Damien Sandras escreveu:
> Wouldn't you be using a Quickcam Express Camera?
> If so you have to execute qcset /dev/video0 compat=dblbuf
> for a camera on /dev/video0
> Le lundi 25 octobre 2004 à 00:17 -0200, Antonio Carlos Ribeiro Nogueira
> a écrit :
> > I have installed Mandrake 10.1  succesfully and I was using gnomemeeting
> > with success also. But suddenly after an updated of Mandrake, I started
> > to get gnomemeeting crashing just after a connection. I try to reinstall
> > the libs and gnomemeeting as well in order if I fixed up the problem. But
> > I didn't get success in doing that. So I would like if someone can help
> > me. I would like to thanks in advance.
> > Nogueira
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