[GnomeMeeting-list] Gateway setting

I am on an internal network with mostly Linux machines and we have a PABX 
(make is Tevitel) running on WinNT in our server room, on address This has nothing to do with our Firewall which is on another 
private IP on the internal side.
The PABX is directly connected to ISDN lines and can offer an external 
connection, either through ISDN phones connected directly to it, or through 
the network.
In fact, with Netmeeting I can call through this by typing the IP address of 
the PABX  ( in the "gateway" field (not the "gatekeeper" 
fields). And I can call anywhere no problem. 
I want to do this with GnomeMeeting, but I have 4 gatekeeper fields and no 
"gateway" field like in netmeeting. 
If I try entering the IP address in these fields it tells me that it cannot 
I found in this list someone who managed by doing for example 
"callto://0123456 192 168 20 250" but it tells me cannot connect to remote 
Any hints?


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