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Le dim, 21/03/2004 à 11:47 +0800, yumi maiko a écrit :

> Hi,
>    I am using "BT878(Lifeview FlyVideo 98EZ )" and
> "Logitech USB Camera". When the data are captured from
> camera to the video buffer. does anyone know what
> color format are these two camera used? RGB24 or
> RGB32? I see that the video_buffer size is 3 times the

It could be any color format supported by GnomeMeeting, you have to look
at the specs to determine that.

> framesize,it is clearly that it stores RGB data for
> each pixel. 

We are always using RGB24 to display in GTK, there is thus a conversion
from the native color format of the camera to RGB24.

>    The second question is that, in gnomemeeting, the
> displayed image data uses YUV420P color format. What
> color format is changed to YUV420P?

The displayed image is RGB24 and is converted from the native color
format of the camera to RGB24. The native color format depends on the

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