Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Major ILS change

Le lun, 15/03/2004 à 21:25 +1100, Craig Southeren a écrit :

> > Your approach will only allow people registering on another port than
> > 1720 on a public IP to be registered. 
> This is not correct.

You wrote :
"If the signalling address in the ILS request and the
address from which ILS request originates are both the same, or are BOTH
public, then allow the specified port to be registered in for the ILS."

But, if the signalling address in the ILS request and the address from
which ILS request originates are NOT the same, and the call signalling
address is PRIVATE, then do the port check to the port specified in the
ILS check. This will (probably) catch out users who are behind a
firewall but do not have a H.323 aware endpoint."

Which for me means is exactly the same approach than now, except for the
1720 port problem which I already explained twice was a different
problem and unsolvable now except by rewriting the ILS backend. I will
not rewrite the ILS backend. If some day we have to rewrite it, I prefer
to drop the ILS server and stop paying for it.

I think you have not read my previous mails where I explained that the
problem is that when I check if the port is open, I don't know yet what
port the user specified in the ILS request. When I know what port has
been specified, the user has already been added. Which means that I
would have to delete it. That's far more code than expected.

Now again, let's imagine I can portscan the right port, then your
approach is not different than the current situation, or at least, I
don't see the difference.

> > I could port scan on the port, the problem is the internal structure of
> > the PERL ILS backend which prevents me to do that without rewriting a
> > lot of things.
> Then I do not understand what you are doing. Aren't you already port
> scanning port 1720? 

port 1720 yes. 

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