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Le mer 03/03/2004 à 08:49, benoit d presence-pc com a écrit :
> hello,
> I have the following problem:
> we share one single internet connection at home:
> 1 linux server handles the connection.
> 2 linux PCs.
> 1 Windows PC.
> the problem is that I can only use 1 windows netmeeting on 1 PC if I talk
> to a PC on the internet (the other part actually only sees one IP, I
> guess, so for this port we have to retranslante manuallly the address to 1
> PC IP:). Two connections via the same acces point is not feasible with
> Windows stuff...
> will it be the same problem with GNOME meeting or is it a way to overtake
> this problem ?

I don't understand the question, do you want to have 2 GnomeMeeting's
and 1 Netmeeting running at the same time?

Anyway, there are several possibilities :
- Using the GNU GateKeeper in proxy mode. The 3 programs will then be
able to run at the same time, but people won't be able to call you using
your IP address, they will have to use something like jeff IP_OF_GK
where jeff is one of the 3 users registered to the GK. That's the
cleanest way. You will still have to register the 3 software to the
gatekeeper as it is not a real proxy.
- Buy a hardware router that natively supports H.323 and forward a
different port for incoming calls (default is 1720) to each of the
- Forget about using Netmeeting (Why would you do so ;) ) and use IP
Translation and port forwarding using GnomeMeeting. Don't forget to use
different port ranges.

Hope it helps,

> thanks again for your time.
> Ben.
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