Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Questions about the sound!

Hi Kenny,

Am Do, den 19.02.2004 schrieb Kenny Lam um 11:07:
> Hi all,
>   When I use gnomemeeting-0.98.5, I found that there is
> no sound for the ringtone. But when I open manually the
> gnomemeeting.wav using some audio player, it works
> perfectly. Could anyone tell me what's the problem with
> it?

1.) you're not running GNOME => you loose until GM 1.00
2.) you run GNOME but don't run ESound => you loose until GM 1.00

if both of these are false (running GNOME and ESound), then you should
have an incoming ring with GM 0.98.5...

Best regards,

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