[GnomeMeeting-list] Probleme between Gnomemeeting and NetMeeting

I try my brand new web cam with GnomeMeeting and two of my friends,
both with NetMeeting (Win 95 and XP). I've made many test with many
differents configurations (with or without H245 tunneling, small or big
size for video (big works better), ...)  the result is not very good :
When the communication start
- in 20 % of the tests : gnomemeeting freeze or even crash.
- 70 %  the sound is ok in both way. I can see my friend, but he can't
see me. He see (and I see in local video) a strange green and yellow
screen. Before the beginning of the communication,the local video is fine.
- 10 % : the sound and the video is ok in both way.

If change the video chanel and send him a fix video image. He see it

What's wrong ?

The FAQ talk about a GnomeMeeting Configuration druid, but where is he ?

My conf :
Mandrake 9.2

Any idea will be helpfull.

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