Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting crash

Hi Alexis,

Same problem here on a Mdk 9.1 box. Some versions of GnomeMeeting make
this behaviour. Here, we try to track the bug but didn't really found a
solution or the beginnig of it. But this behaviour doesn't happen with
every version of GnomeMeeting. For example here, with the package of
Debian Sid or the snapshot from, we have no problem.
Another strange thing that you could see : with NetMeeting you could
have the same behaviour, or, the OpenMCU crashes at random time.

However, a friend of mine who works with OpenH323 derivative software
ahs the same problem when launching OpenMCU under Linux, and when
lauching under windows, no problem at all with connecting NetMeeting

More clues but no real solution for the moment.

If you have time and a windows box, could you test OpenMCU on it while
trying the same scenario you try while lauching OpenMUC under Linux and
tell me (us) the results ?

Thanks in advance,



Le mer 17/09/2003 à 18:46, Alexis Moreau a écrit :
> Hello everybody,
> Aftersome tests with Jean-Michel on his site about vocal conversations
> with three people, I wanted to make some tests with video conversations.
> I launch Openmcu with ./openmcu -n -v --listenport 1740, evrything seems
> t be ok. I call myself with h323:my IP adress:1740. It connects, the
> local video begins to appears in a separate windows, as asked, and the
> central window becomes green, and nothing else happens, GM is blocked. I
> have to kill it. 
> And sometimes, when I want to stop a conversation, i click on
> disconnect, the connection is cut, but the software looks like it was
> still connected. I have to shut it down.
> I am using the last Mandrake package of this beautiful software.
> Thank you,
> Alexis

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