Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Caching of Domain Names


If anything is cached, that is certainly not at the gnomemeeting level.
You have to check that at the gnomemeeting level.

Le mer 01/10/2003 à 17:44, Judith Tyson a écrit :
> Hello
> I've just configured gnomemeeting on my network. When I enter a domain
> name that I wish to contact everything happens as expected. The DNS
> server is queried and I get a connection. The person I wish to talk to
> now moves and gets a new IP address which is updated in the DNS server
> BUT when I try to start another connection with gnomemeeting my DNS
> server is not queried. I assume this means that the info is cached
> somewhere. Is there any way to prevent this caching or manually delete
> the cache.
> If I do the same procedure but with just a ping I query the DNS both
> times as expected.
> Can anyone help.
> Jude
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