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Hi murugesan,

> 	I typed the following in the shell.
> ./configure --prefix="/GnomeMeeting/GMeet"
> --with-ptlib-includes="/GnomeMeeting/pwlib/include/ptlib/"
> --with-ptlib-libs="/GnomeMeeting/pwlib/lib/"
> --with-openh323-includes="/GnomeMeeting/openh323/include/"
> --with-openh323-libs="/GnomeMeeting/openh323/lib/" --sysconfdir=="/etc"
> for which I got the error as 

well.. the above has a simple error.. it's "==", but it should be "="
for --sysconfdir.. just in case u run again into probs..

> configure: error: expected an absolute directory name for --sysconfdir:
> =/etc
> So what I did was reinstalled Gnomemeeting.from the beginning.Now it is
> working.
> >Moreover, RedHat 9
> > already provides GnomeMeeting 0.96.1, so I don't see the interest to
> > compile an older version than what is provided.
> Actually We(a team) started work on older version of gnomemeeting.So we
> are proceeding with that version.As per your instruction I updated all
> my packages.(all in the sense ALL PACKAGES)Then I searched my entire
> directory entries with files gnomemeet*. The files which I installed
> alone were listed.

what's that for a project? you want to tell us? are you planning on
contributing back? what's the goal? the status? the todo?

> Eventhough gnomemeeting works well now.It will be better if I am
> informed of the location of Gnomemeeting in RedHatLinux 9.

what location do u need? /usr/bin/gnomemeeting?

Best regards,

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