GnomeMeeting 0.94.1 was not doing any testing to check if there was a
soundcard. If GnomeMeeting 0.96.1 complains that there is no soundcard
it is because it doesn't find any soundcard on the system. Here are a
few tips :
- check that you don't have a /dev/sound directory that would make GM
believe it is running on a DEVFS system
- check your permissions
- check that OSS compatibility modules are loaded if you are running

Le ven 07/03/2003 à 15:33, Sasa Ostrouska a écrit :
> Hi to all of you, I'm new to the list and would like to ask if maybe 
> somebody can help me. 
> My problem is that when I upgrade from GM 0.94.1 to GM 0.96.1 I get the 
> soundcard error. When I start GM 0.96.1 it pops up a window saying that
> I do not have the soundcard installed. It is very strange as with 
> GM 0.94.1 it does not do any error with the same configuration.
> I use RedHat 8.0 with the GM rpms from the GM site.
> Any help would be very apreciated.
> Rgds
> Sasa
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