Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Do we close this mailing list?

Le ven 07/03/2003 à 16:53, b2g a écrit :
> OK first thank you all for your support, with the new version 0.96.1 
> PC-to-Phone is working fine without cutting after a few minutes.
> Following the talk about the forum, I believe this is a good idea, and I think 
> that something is really missing: documentation on how to use PC-to-phone 
> functionality, it will be useful to give some detail explanation how to make 
> a call, what are the different options and so on, basically a detail user 
> guide is really something missing. If I have time I will try to draft 
> something for your comments.
A Manual is being redacted by matti and Matthias from the #gnomemeeting
channel, there is a thread about the Manual on the mailing-list even(or
perhaps the gm-devel-ml).
as it should be task oriented i think that a section about PC-To-Phone
call will certainly be included. 

> I have a few question: when you  make a pc2phone call you have 3 numbers on 
> the status bar the first one is obvious it's the time, the 2 others are 
> really not clear for me.
> b2g
> Le Vendredi 7 Mars 2003 20:12, PUYDT Julien a écrit :
> > Le ven 07/03/2003 à 12:52, PUYDT Julien a écrit :
> > > Well... keeping only a -devel ml, and having a forum for users, seems
> > > good.
> >
> > Notice that it means that know-how users will have to go on the forum to
> > help...
> >
> > Snark
> >
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