Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: GM 0.96.1 -> GM 0.98 (0.94.1 -> GM 0.98)

Kilian Krause wrote:
Hi Iason,

I compiled gnomemeeting in 3 computers running gnomemeeting 0.94.1 and different versions of Suse
1) SuSE 7.1 with gcc 3.2.2 and garnome (gnome2.3.1) with no problems
2) Suse 7.3: I had to install gcc 3.2.2 otherwise I coudn't compile it
3) Suse 8.1: I had to install gcc 3.2.2 otherwise I coudn't compile openh323

Hope that this is of some help

providing packages for SuSE would actually help *g*

the compilation error would be nice to know, if you want so see things
fixed. so we can't tell anything, if you don't give us a precise error..
it compiles fine with gcc2.95 on debian woody though.. so i don't see
why you're getting that error..

Hi Killian !
Sorry I don't remember the exact errors.
For SuSE 8.1 the configure script failed at a test of /lib/cpp when configuring openh323-1.12.0. So I compiled gcc-3.2.2, recompiled pwlib and the problem was solved. Generally speaking I prefer compiling from sources rather than installing precompiled packages so I never learned how to make rpm packages. I could always learn....
I don't have a 'clean' SuSE system so do you think that I could make rpm's ?
Anyway I would love to help providing packages for SuSE


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