[GnomeMeeting-list] usb headset problems

Hi people,

I have a plantronics usb headset that I'd like to use with gnomemeeting.
the headset its self comes up as /dev/dsp1 as my main sound card is /dev/dsp0. I ran the config druid and the headset tests out fine i can hear my voice come back delayed perfectly. The problem is that when I try to chat with someone, they sound to me like some animal squealing like "eek, ack, eek, eek" and they say I sound like a low roar.

I think I've figured out the reason for this, and it might have
something to do with the fact that the headset is fixed for both record
and playback at 44.1 KHz. Assuming gnome meeting is trying to write to
my headset at 11khz. I'm guessing it would; one have gaps and two
seriously pitch shift the sound. I'm also guessing that something
opposite is happening the other way .

My question is how can I fix this?  Does gnomemeeting have a fixed
frequency option to sort this out? Would running something like (Spit,
hiss, booo) ESD fix this. Would ALSA do on the fly sample rate conversion?

If you are wondering why? I got this headset, its because the soundcard
in my laptop can't record from a microphone (due to a fault). I might
add that the headset works perfectly in windows with netmeeting, but I'm
trying not to find reasons to run windows on my laptop.

Jon Westgate

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