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Hi Don,

> I am running a Pent 4 with a 700Mhz Intel chip with Redhat 9.0. I have 
> had probelms with
> getting the Gnomemeeting to run. The main problem is that sometimes the 
> system will not
> see /dev/video0 and sometimes it will. When it does see the video0 it 
> may run for about 1 minute
> and then either disappear or the screen freezes. The only thing I havent 
> tried so far is the
> video card. Right now I am running with a Voodoo3 card. I am wondering 
> if this card is too
> much for Gnomemeeting or what. Any suggestions. What video card should I 
> be running and
> what should be the screen size.

...sounds much like a webcam problem to me too.

anyway, please be more specific what the error is (WHAT freezes - and
how) and which version of GM you are referring to, how you installed
that (which packages, especially openh323 and pwlib from where), what
webcam brand you are running (or trying to run), and if the above
problem occurs with a remote connected or in idle mode.

if it's with a remote, please tell the configuration of your GM prefs
and your bandwidth and what kind of peer you are trying to connect to..
(and if possible his prefs, too)

finally i can reassure you that a Voodo3 should be running fine with GM,
as the display of the local X does not in any way interfere with the

Best regards,

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