Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] compiling Gnomemeeting trouble

Le dim 01/06/2003 à 03:59, Brett Carr a écrit :
> Im a newby to linux but the only way to get gnomemetting and pwlib and 
> openh323 onb to my box was to compile, and sugestions would be greatlt 
> appeciated ,,,,, bare in mind im very new so explane well pllzzz

If you're that new to linux, then you're not supposed to compile things.
There are binary packages for various distributions, that should suit
your needs.

Isn't 7.3 a very old redhat? Perhaps you should update it, since recent
versions of gnomemeeting use recent versions of other software (gnome,
to name just one!)...

Compiling gm is tricky even for old timers => don't!

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