Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] License issues -- Please help

Le dim 19/01/2003 à 11:26, Dov a écrit :

> Then I noticed that in the gnomemeeting FAQ it says :
> GnomeMeeting is licensed under the GPL license and as a special exception,
> you have permission to link or otherwise combine this program with the
> programs OpenH323 and Pwlib, and distribute the combination, without
> applying the requirements of the GNU GPL to the OpenH323 program, as long as
> you do follow the requirements of the GNU GPL for all the rest of the
> software thus combined.
> Here are my questions :
> 1. How come openh323 is MPL and you use it and than gnomemeeting is GPL ???

GnomeMeeting is GPL on my decision. You can not link MPL code with GPL
code because of some clauses in the GPL license, that is why the
copyright owner (ie me) can decide to add an exception clause to the
license to explicitely allow it. That text was proposed and approved by
Richard Stallman, it is perfectly legal.

The problem is not on the OpenH323 side, but on the GnomeMeeting GPL
side, so I can explicitely allow what the GPL disallows. That wouldn't
be true if the problem was on OpenH323/MPL side.

> 2. Who decided to do so ???

Richard Stallman and myself.

> 3. Can the combination be done to the ethereal project ???

You should ask to Richard, but the copyright owner of the GPL'ed project
must explicitely allow it.

> Damien, I'll be glad if you will answer too, because you probably made it
> possible !!!
> Thanks in advance,
> Sorry for the length,
> Dov.
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