Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] h.323 and Mac OS X

Another solution is to compile GnomeMeeting on Mac OS X.
GnomeMeeting has been added to fink thanks to shawn too.
However, it is still a lot of work :)

Le ven 28/02/2003 à 16:37, Marc Williams a écrit :
> There's some news about h.323 and Mac OS X that I thought the list might
> find interesting.  And it is tangentially related to Gnomemeeting.  :-)
> While I've been globally communicating with friends and family for well
> over a year using Gnomemeeting and Netmeeting, there's been one person
> with whom I've been unable to communicate because he's a Mac user.  OS X
> at that.  As you might know, there's been no h.323 solution for OS X
> users.  Until now.
> The project page for a new OS X h.323 project is:
> The project lead for this is Shawn Hsiao and he has done a terrific job
> so far.  He has assembled a working cocoa version of ophone called
> OphoneX.  Ophone is an audio only command line application from the
> openh323 people.  So how can a command line app also be cocoa?  Well, I
> don't know how he did it, but you can see the screenshots from his
> website.  The other thing he did was to include runtime versions of
> pwlib and openh323 into OphoneX so that all a Mac user has to do is
> click on his OphoneX desktop icon and away he goes.  No compiling of
> pwlib, openh323, etc.  It's all included in the OphoneX app.
> How's it work?  Well, so far, so good.  OphoneX is in alpha state right
> now and there's quite a few features that I'm sure he'll be adding in
> due time.  But for right now, I couldn't be more pleased.  And my Mac
> head brother feels the same.  Btw, my brother is in Singapore and I'm in
> the U.S.
> We connect via my gatekeeper (gnugk) rather than direct IP and it seems
> to work well.  We've tried both Gnomemeeting and Netmeeting on my end
> and both work well although I like the audio quality from Gnomemeeting
> better.
> OphoneX is missing ILS and directory information.  And there's been a
> couple of hang up and GK disconnect problems.  But nothing has been a
> showstopper and our chats have lasted from 30-60 each.
> So tell all your Mac head friends about this.  It should open quite a
> few more doors.  Just don't write to me with any Mac type questions. 
> I've never touched one.  Write to Shawn instead.
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