[GnomeMeeting-list] install gnomemeeting-0.96.0-2 on redhat 7.3


I try to install gnomemeeting-0.96.0-2 on a redhat 7.3 (which has the last RH upgrade).

I first try to install it using RPM without success since they were some dependancies problems ( among them was the updrade of the glibc library to 2.3 !!). I don't really want to mess around my linux box by upgrading rpm packages which are not officialy approved by RH ... unless it comes from an expert advise ???
I try then to install it by hand:
pwlib and openh323 compile OK but I was not able to compile gnomemeeting

I have the following message when runing ./autogen.sh

which: no gnome-autogen.sh in ( ........)
You need to install gnome-common from the GNOME CVS

Do you have any idea about how to install gnomemeeting on my redhat.

thanks a lots


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