Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gnomemeeting h235 openh323gk

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Discussing the situation with Damien Sandras the follwing worked for me:

Damien wrote:

The GNU Gatekeeper doesn't accept to verify the account/password if the
account is not the first alias. The first alias is the local user name.
The conclusion is that when you add your account, you must create an
account like "Jens Hansen", and put "Jens" and "Hansen" as first name
and last name in the Personal Data section of the preferences.

Am Die, 2003-02-25 um 00.18 schrieb Jens-E. Hansen:
> I tried to register with openh323gk (h.235). Registration fails whereas
> registration with openphone and openh323gk succeeds.
> Can anyone on the list give me a hint?

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