Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] docklet in KDE3.1

I'm not sure I understood everything.
What you say is that if you have one application using the system tray,
and you close it, then the main GnomeMeeting window becomes visible?
Can you tray:
a) With the GnomeMeeting visible close another app that uses the system
tray and check if GnomeMeeting gets hided.
b) Check with any other gnome application that also uses the system tray
(rhythmbox or gaim (cvs)).

In any case, these looks like a kde bug to me..., but we must make sure.

El jue, 20 de 02 de 2003 a las 17:04, ovidiu pascui escribió:
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> Hi
> I'm using gnomemeeting-0.96 under KDE3.1. And it works great. The only minor 
> inconvenient is that every time I close an application which is in the 
> systemtray the gnomemeeting docklet pops-up like I would have clicked on it. 
> Is there a way to solve this?
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