Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Keep H.323 but avoid Netmeeting!

gnomemeeting-list gnome org writes:
>I agree, but with the caution that so far I have only tried 
>GnomeMeeting with hardware-video-capture-card-equipped systems with the 
>ESNet system.  (See 
> for details of our 
>setup and equipment.)
>I must say that video and overall performance go GM is EXCELLENT when 
>using such a setup -- better than the ViaVideo or other non-GM hardware 
>codec solutions!

I would say that Gnomemeeting is much more reliable and compared to
Netmeeting actually produces usable video in use with my Cisco IP/VC2510
and Radvision LH-323. Gnomemeeting also plays nice with my Polycom FX.

 James Field
Mendocino County Office of Education

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