Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Keep H.323 but avoid Netmeeting!


I had never bothered to look at that page. Now that I have seen it,
I'll bug the maintainer to add GnomeMeeting to the list of
products. (Now, if I could just get the FreeBSD port of openh323 to
build again...).

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> From: Alan Sill <Alan Sill ttu edu>
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> Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 06:47:22 -0600
> Hi,
> Lot of discussion on this list by people who want to use NetMeeting 
> with their openh323 systems.  Note that the performance of Netmeeting 
> is sufficient to drag down video quality and even lock up H.323 
> conferences, so this is a bad idea.  If people want to include Windows 
> users in their conferences, they should use inexpensive hardware-codec 
> camera solutions like the Polycom ViaVideo, etc.  GnomeMeeting on a 
> reasonably recent fast Linux box works fine, especially if you are 
> running your video through a hardware capture card, but avoid allowing 
> Netmeeting users to connect to your conferences.
> See under "conferencing" for more details...
> Alan
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