[GnomeMeeting-list] Ricardo Wagemaker Installing Logitech QuicCam 4000 Pro

My first advice is just wait, and the PWC8.8 driver will be built into the
main kernel and you won't have to do anything.  The 2.4.19 kernel, which is
the one used by Suse 8.1, already includes PWC, but it doesn't include
PWC8.8, which as far as I know was only released in November 2002.  Why not
ask Suse when they will have PWC8.8 (which is what you need) in their main
kernel release?  While your question is a reasonable one, kernels are tricky
to work with and I discourage anyone who is not interested in them from
putting in the significant effort required to learn how to do this, if all
that they want is to add a WebCam driver that will be included in some
future release of Suse ?.? anyway. Here are a few difficulties:

 Suse's 2.4.19 kernel is not exactly the same as the official so called
"vanilla" 2.4.19 kernel that you can download from
ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.4/ . However PWC8.8 was designed to
work with the vanilla kernel, not Suse's. When I recently tried to install
PWC8.8 into Mandrake's 2.4.19 kernel of Mandrake 9.0, the result was not
stable, and the WebCam always crashed within a few minutes, so all of my
work was useless to me.
I then tried to install PWC8.8 + the vanilla 2.4.19 kernel into Mandrake 9.0. 
Mandrake 9.0 did not at all like the vanilla kernel, and did not function
acceptably with it.  However I have had reasonable success in using the
vanilla kernel with Suse 8.0, so perhaps you can make it work. But unless
kernels are your thing, why not let Suse do the work of making PWC8.8 work
with THEIR kernel, as I am sure that they will eventually.

However if you want to try anyway:
(1) download the 2.4.19 kernel from
ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.4/ ,
(2) extract it,
as root do the following:
(3) move it to usr/src/linux-2.4.19, then 
(4) cd /usr/src
(5) ln -s linux-2.4.19 linux
(6) cd linux
(7) copy all of the files from PWC8.8/2.4.19  into /usr/src/linux/drivers/usb,
overwriting the older PWC files already there.
(9) Using either Suse's reference manual (I thought it was quite good with 
Suse 7.3 and 8.0) or other manual's configure, compile your kernel and the 
modules, install them and configure your bootloader to boot them. (The 
default bootloader with Suse 8.1 is GRUB, which I have never used.)
Alternately, instead of modifying your bootloader, give the command
make bzdisk (when in /usr/src/linux) to make a bootfloppy. If your kernel is 
too big for a floppy, then you will have to user your bootloader.
WARNING: You run the danger of not being able to boot into Linux if you 
reconfigure it wrongly. (One more reason to wait until Suse brings PWC8.8 
into the kernel for you.)  Be sure to read instructions very carefully, so 
that you still have the option of booting to your old kernel.


(a) The Logitech QuickCam 4000 will run with pwc8.8 in the 2.4.19 kernel, but 
it just gives a small image. For the large image you will also have to load 
the binary PWCX8.? module.
(b) PWC8.10  + the 2.4.20 kernel is inadequate to drive the quickcam 4000 
unless PWCX8.? is also loaded. That is why I recomend using PWC8.8.
(c) I just installed PWC8.8 into the 2.4.19 vanilla kernel for a Debian Woody 
Linux and it  works flawlessly. However Debian likes vanilla kernels.
(d) If you enjoyed reading the above, then give it a try. Otherwise just wait 
and let Suse do the work for you. Gnomemeeting works quite well with a 
microphone and no webcam.


> Message: 4
> From: " Ricardo Wagemaker" <ricardo holambra freeserve co uk>
> To: gnomemeeting-list gnome org
> Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 15:17:31 +0000
> Subject: [GnomeMeeting-list] Installing Logitech QuicCam 4000 Pro
> Reply-To: gnomemeeting-list gnome org
> Hi,
> I am trying to installing Logitech QuicCam 4000 Pro on Suse 8.1 to use it

with gnomemeeting.

> I have:
> SuSE Linux 8.1 (i386)
> Kernel 2.4.19-4GB / i686
> I have download:
> suse81:/root/downloads/webcam/pwc-8.8/kernel-2.4 # ls -al
> total 192
> drwx------    2 100      users        4096 Feb 10 14:38 .
> drwx------    4 100      users        4096 Oct  5 20:46 ..
> -rw-------    1 100      users        3265 Oct  5 20:44 ChangeLog
> -rw-------    1 100      users        9315 Oct  5 20:44 philips.txt
> -rw-------    1 100      users       36447 Oct  5 20:44 pwc-ctrl.c
> -rw-------    1 100      users       64275 Oct  5 20:44 pwc-if.c
> -rw-------    1 100      users        5971 Oct  5 20:44 pwc-ioctl.h
> -rw-------    1 100      users        2942 Oct  5 20:44 pwc-misc.c
> -rw-------    1 100      users        4953 Oct  5 20:44 pwc-uncompress.c
> -rw-------    1 100      users        2819 Oct  5 20:44 pwc-uncompress.h
> -rw-------    1 100      users        9361 Oct  5 20:44 pwc.h
> -rw-------    1 100      users        8058 Oct  5 20:44 pwc_kiara.h
> -rw-------    1 100      users        1184 Oct  5 20:44 pwc_nala.h
> -rw-------    1 100      users       14244 Oct  5 20:44 pwc_timon.h
> suse81:/root/downloads/webcam/pwc-8.8/kernel-2.4 #
> But I don't know what to do with it ! Could anyone help
> --


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