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Am Sonntag, 9. Februar 2003 05:27 schrieb John Francis Lee:
> Dear gnomemeeting,
> Greetings. I'm very excited about PC-Phone telephony!
> I just installed my new quicknet pci card in the machine I'd like to us
> for internet telephony.
> The card was recognized during the boot sequence (2.4.20 kernel):
>  Linux telephony interface: v1.00
>  ixj: found Internet PhoneJACK PCI at 0xe800
>  $Id: ixj.c,v 4.7 2001/08/13 06:19:33 craigs Exp $

You installed the card in your Workstation, am I right?

> but when I try to start Gnomemeeting I get
>  GnomeMeeting can't be used without audio devices.
>  Please install a sound card or a Quicknet card.

and this is your Gateway where you are starting GM remote via a terminal?
The message is correct, this machine has no useable device, and forwarding of 
hardware is not yet supported, not even on Linux :-)

> I have just installed X on the machine in question.
> It is the gateway machine on our lan, and the only one that may get a
> public ip address.

This should be no problem, just start GM on your Workstation, forward the 
needed ports (see the FAQ for details), activate IP translation, and 
everything should be fine.

> Thanks for all your help.

Hope this was helpful,


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