[GnomeMeeting-list] Problems receiving video/audio


I've compiled my 0.96 version in RedHat 7.3 and
it works, but there are some problems:

My configuration:

  I'm running Gnome 1.4 Session 
        and Gnome-meeting with gnome2 libraries.

  When connecting in my local-LAN with a 0.85 version this is my log

        18:31:50 Started New Logical Channel...
        18:31:50 Receiving GSM-06.10{sw}
        18:31:50 Started New Logical Channel...
        18:31:50 Receiving H.261-QCIF
        18:31:50 Requesting remote to send video quality: 30%
  I never received video nor audio.
  The other machine receives video ok (I'm not sending audio).

  I've configured gnome-meeting with no H.245 tunneling.

  I've also tried to connect to external users, whith
  the sames results.

  My router/firewall configuration:
  Linux (RH 7.1) with ipchains/forwarding
  firewall let's in and out TCP: 1720/30000:30010 UDP: 5001:5003

  Any idea, what to try
  Thanks in advance

Tonio Caputo <tonioc exeo com ar>

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