Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Undefined references FT_Stream_* when linking gnome-meeting

Le lun 03/02/2003 à 17:18, Tonio Caputo a écrit :
> Damien,
> thanks very much for your quick response.

> > 
> > You should have used --with-ptlib-includes and --with-openh323-includes,
> > problems when an old version is installed are normal as consecutive
> > openh323 and pwlib versions are not API/ABI compatible.
> > 
> I've used them, but it took the includes from /usr/include (standard
> include directory) in some cases, so I just removed my
> /usr/include-ptlib related stuff.

Yes that's normal, gcc-3.1 always takes /usr/include stuff in priority.

> > It is not needed.
> If I don't use it I get undefined references to
> PTimeInterval::GetSeconds(), GetMinutes(), etc...
I think that indicates another problem, having to use -DP_USE_INLINES
doesn't seem normal to me.

> > I think you should mail the Garnome mailing list, it is a problem in
> > your garnome installation or environment variables. The best would be to
> > upgrade to Redhat 8.x I think.
> > 
> Thanks, I'll contact them.
> Again, thank you very much for your response.

No problem, I was not very helpful unfortunately.

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