Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] which version should I use?

K thanks
I'm thinking that I may have to compile, not sure if I can do that I'm newb, but I'll learn how I guess.

Lyrocis has not gnomemeeting, it has somethings like xsane and xawtv thing.

Lycoris is I think a caldera base or something thats what I'm told

Kilian Krause wrote:

Hi Steve,

I'm using Lycoris Linux

try to find out which base was used for Lycoris.. IIRC it's a Debian or
RedHat core which was "enhanced" for the User-Desktop... So you might
try using the Debian files.. Still Lycoris might be shipping its own
version of GnomeMeeting, so that'd be the best option among all ;)

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