RE: [GnomeMeeting-list] BOOL undefined when compiling gnomemeetin g

Le mar 23/12/2003 à 21:23, mark h aldous L-3com com a écrit :
> I got the pwlib source, the openh323 source and the latest snapshot of
> gnomemeeting source (dated 12/23) from the download page of
pwlib and openh323 source tarballs found on, are
only to build with latest stable released gnomemeeting 0.98.5 !!!!
if you want to compile latest cvs-snapshots you *need* to take pwlib and
openh323 CVS.

> .  I am compiling them on Redhat 9.0.  I found that I
> needed to install the gnome-common package so that I could have
>  I found a redhat gnome-common package on
They are some srpm on section RedHat that
you can take to compile. The rpm are for Fedora, but quoting Johnny our
RedHat cvs-snapshots.rpm's maintainer " you can just take the src.rpms
and recompile in RH9".


Fabrice Alphonso
Translation Maintainer - GnomeMeeting Team
H.323 phone:	callto:// alphonso dyndns org

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