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Am Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2003 22:06 schrieb bruce:
> Damien,
> Thanks for the input!
> To ask a really basic question.... and for clarity...
> Gnome Meeting performs a similar function to Microsoft's NetMeeting. In
> order to run a complete conferencing type system, a user will have to have
> the server (OpenMCU) as well as the client app (GnomeMeeting).. is this a
> correect understanding...

Only one mcu is needed (even for multiple conferences, although you may choose 
to have multiple, as decoding/mixing/encoding media streams causes a heavy 
load on the system), which needs a broadband connection to receive _all_ 
streams and send streams to _all_ participants. The participants then use 
GnomeMeeting / Netmeeting / CuSeeMe ... to connect to this server.

> Thanks...
> -Bruce
> PS. To your knowledge is anyone looking/thinking about creating the kind of
> application that I have previously described...

There is no such application, but you can tell gnomemeeting from any 
application to call someone.



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