Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] toucam pro and sound problems

Le sam 13/12/2003 à 21:26, Pat a écrit :
> I use philips toucam pro with pwcx module, it works great but when I "insmod 
> pwcx" xine and xmms don't work anymorap, I get video display but no sound 
> though arts(ie kde) related apps like noatun and juk still work.
> how come? is there a way to make those apps work? I know there's an arts 
> plugin for xmms but I guess there must be another way.

Hello, I don't think it is the correct mailing list for such questions.
We can only help you if you have GnomeMeeting sound problems. I'm
personnally using xmms and pwcx without any problem. Check your output
device is correct in the prefs perhaps

> thanx in advance
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