Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Full Duplex

Le lun 01/12/2003 à 23:34, Dave Coventry a écrit :

> No, you misunderstand me. I am not blaming Gnomemeeting, I am just
> trying to get my system to work using Full Duplex, which, as I
> understand it, is what is required for gnomemeeting.

Actually it should be automatic. That is why I didn't understand your
sentence "as soon as I enable full-duplex". I'm not aware of any OSS or
ALSA flag for full-duplex.

> Under the OSS sound drivers the sound works, but Full Duplex produces
> errors and I have not yet managed to set up my ALSA installation. (cat
> /dev/sndstat produce the following error message: "VIA 82xx not found or
> device busy")

Yes ALSA is not easy yet to setup :(

Are you sure that OSS modules are not loaded at all when trying ALSA?

Let's hope 2.6 will solve that problem (even if it brings a few more
problems on my laptop like USB freezing the system and such).

>  I was trying to find out if other users had managed to solve this as I
> know from google searches that the via82xx sound card is a pig to
> configure correctly.

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