Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Strange...

Le sam 23/08/2003 à 21:19, Alexis Moreau a écrit :
> Le sam 23/08/2003 à 21:10, billy41337 aol com a écrit :
> > where did you pruchase that product
> Sorry ? What product ?

Let's see:
* sent by some account at;
* an account with a way too long number at the end;
* the subject tells nothing;
* it is html;
* one of the few words grammatically supposed to bear information in the
message is mispelled to defeat simple filters;
==> it really looks like it's spam.

There's no link to click, and that is strange indeed, but I really think
it's spam anyway. Perhaps the gnome mail system stripped some part of
the mail...


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