Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Sound Problem, Suse 8.1 with Alsa, Laptop and so on

it seems, there is a problem with the mic......
in the mixer windows I ticked the mic as my recording device....

but i cant hear anything while playing the wavfile....seems as if the recording is the problem....
(the soundcard is alright because it works under M$)

wavrec -d /dev/dsp myfile.wav
linux:~ #
linux:~ # wavplay myfile.wav
Pathname:       myfile.wav
Device:         /dev/dsp
Sampling Rate:  22050 Hz
Mode:           Mono
Samples:        220500
Bits:           16

linux:~ #


Damien Sandras wrote:

Le mer 23/04/2003 à 13:51, Sigi a écrit :
nope :-(.....

If you have no error message, ALSA installed, but that the sound is not
played back, I suggest the mic doesn't work.

Have you tried rec -d /dev/dsp myfile.wav; then play myfile.wav?
It will record a file...

but the mic works, speaker deto....

Damien Sandras wrote:

do you have the required delayed echo when using the wizard?

Le mer 23/04/2003 à 13:35, Sigi a écrit :


it seems it was the Artsd which blocked the soundcard...
i "killed" it, but actually, it didnt help..
nothings blocks the soundcard anymore (i think),

lsof /dev/dsp
artsd   5949 sigi    8u   CHR   14,3      35258 /dev/dsp0
linux:~ # kill 5949
linux:~ # lsof /dev/dsp
linux:~ # lsof /dev/dsp

the wizard doesnt complain anymore, but i still dont transmit any sound data....

do you have any other hints?

Damien Sandras wrote:


Try to do lsof /dev/dsp to see if another process is not blocking the
soundcard. I suspect Artsd is blocking it. There is a way in KDE to tell
to artsd to only block the soundcard when it is using it, it has been
mentionned on the ml, but I forgot when and how it can be done.

Only seeing /dev/dsp in the devices list is normal if you only have one

If you think it works, you can go on, #gnomemeeting and
ask for a test to make sure your configuration is working. (your
Netmeeting friend can also have a problem)

Le mer 23/04/2003 à 11:55, Sigi a écrit :

Hi guys...

Sorry to "bother" you with a sound problem again. I know, there has been a lot of posts concering sound, but i couldnt solve my problem by reading them through. That did help me.

Alright, my problem:

gnomemeeting 0.96.1 from the gnomemeeting download section for suse 8.1
Suse 8.1
KDE 3.1
Alsa: 0.9.0 (rpm from the suse ftp server)
% rcalsasound start
% Starting sound driver:  already running                           done

when i come to the sound section in the wizard, i can only select dev/dsp0, there is no list (like mentioned in one of the posts)

cat /dev/dsp > /dev/dsp
cat: /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy
linux:~ # cat /dev/dsp0 > /dev/dsp0
cat: /dev/dsp0: Device or resource busy

The recording tick in the mixer is on mic, so that should be alright either.

When i had the sound driver on automatic and Full Duplex ticked (Suse Control Center) i could hear my friend (netmeeting + codec from the download section) but he couldnt here me. I can hear myself via the speakers.

cheers for any advice...(btw, i am a neewbie in linux, please consider that ;-))


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