Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] PROBLEM WITH GM

Le jeu 10/04/2003 à 09:06, Sasa Ostrouska a écrit :
> Hi to all of you !!
> 	I have tried for the first time yesterday to use GM and without
> much success. I use GM 0.94 and on the other side my friend uses GM 0.96
> which comes with RH9. Now when we connect we can only chat in text mode.
> When I start my GM I see my picture in the window and it works normaly.
> The same for him. The picture freezes when we connect. 
> Can somebody explain ? We both use Red Hat.


You do not give enough information to be helped without problems.
My first idea would be that both of you are firewalled or natted and
that you didn't adapt the configuration.

For the sound, you have to at least use the configuration druid to see
if it works or not.

In all cases, please read the FAQ on, then you will
be able to solve your problem. If not, please mail again the ml, but
give more details.

> Rgds
> Sasa
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