Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] problem installing gm-0.96.1 for suse

Le ven 04/04/2003 à 18:22, philipp sutter a écrit :
> i just updated from suse 8.1 to suse 8.2. In suse 8.1 is a package of
> gnomemeeting 0.96.0 without a configuration druide. doesn't matter.

Can you check if there is an about box please or is the entry grayed out
in the menu? I hope that Suse didn't ship with a gnomemeeting without
all the features just to remove the GNOME part of it. If so I will
complain, that is not normal.

> but I would like to use gnomemeeting 0.96.1. so I tried to install the
> rpm-package for suse 8.1 provided on but there is a
> dependence problem: in suse 8.2 there is no libsasl.o.7. but only
> libsasl2.o.2. 
> where can I get a libsasl.o.7? could I use it by just copying in
> /usr/lib/ ? for what is libsasl.o.7?

I think you have to compile yourself, packages for Suse 8.1 are not
installable on 8.2. Perhaps somebody will do 8.2 packages soon.

> thanks for any hint in advance.
Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com>

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