Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting questions

Le dim 20/10/2002 à 16:21, Luca T. a écrit :
> > > Are there known problems with Gnomemeeting and my Linux distribution?
> > No. Did you experience problems?
> Yes, right now i am in Windows so i cannot check again for the error name...
> i'll write it down when i reboot (soon) and then post it here.
> It happens when i try to install the RPMs... its a dependency error when i
> try to install openh323_1-1.9.3-1mdk.i586.rpm and
> pwlib1-1.3.3-1mdk.i586.rpm.
> I am pretty new at Linux and i am not able to fix it by myself. But i will
> be more specific once i reboot in Linux

You shouldn't use the rpms found on, but the rpms
provided with Mandrake 9. The rpms found on are for
Mandrake 8.2

I think that doing 'urpmi gnomemeeting' should save you too.
Beware, GnomeMeeting is sometimes hard to make work if you are new. You
will need to make sure that you are not behind NAT, and that your
soundcard driver is full-duplex. But the mailing list and the IRC
channel are there to help ;)

> Bye,
>    Luca
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