Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] No chance for download '*.rpm' files

> Hello,
> so i try to download the '*.rpm' files for 'GnomeMeeting' in that way to 
> click them with the 'right' mouse and then took to 'Save link target 
> as', but the result was a '*.php'file i had downloaded. The full name 
> was "clicks_counter.php".
> So may be someone had found a way to download these '*.rpm' files from 
> the 'gnome-website' - please let me know:-)

Well this has everything to do with your browser and nothing to do with the
RPMs.  RPM is an extension that RealPlayer uses.  What you need to do is tell
your browser not to associate RPM with RealPlayer, and you should be able to
download it.


> Best regards
> Thomas Rump
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