Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] No chance to download the 'Gnome-Meeting' rpm packages?!

Le sam 19/10/2002 à 01:41, Thomas Kraus-Rump a écrit :
> Hello,
> at first i try to download the '*.rpm' packages for "RedHat" the 
> information was: "Plugger No approperiate application for type 
> audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin found!" so i download the "RealPlayer" for 
> 'Linux' wit the mozilla-browser i use; the real-player software runs - 
> but now when i click on the same rpm packages to download for 
> 'GnomeMeeting', the message shows: "Starting plugin for type 
> audio/x-pn-real audio-plugin."
> Só i don't know what all this means, cause the only thing i want to do 
> is to download the right rpm-packages and may be someone knows, what it 
> has to do with the 'RealPlayer'
it seems that the extension .rpm is registered as an extension
(mime-type) of realplayer stuff

to downloads the RPM (RedHat related stuuf) as told in a previous msg on
this list just right-click on the package, and choose save as... in the
contextual menu that opens.....

> Sincerely
Cheers, hoping this could help
> Thomas Rump   
Fabrice Alphonso (fabrice on #gnomemeeting on 6667 )

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