Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gatekeeper considerations

Le sam 30/11/2002 à 13:19, Joachim Keltsch a écrit :
> o if you want a transparent proxy for in and outbound calls,
>   you will have to enable inbound calls using
> 	AcceptUnregisteredCalls=1
>   in contrast to what the FAQ says.

Ill add this to the FAQ for next release.
Thanks for your contribution :)

> NM registering to the GK
> ------------------------
> a NM client using the gk won't register to the ils, at least I believe
> so. This seems correct behavior to me, from the above considerations.

OK, so you mean I should remove ILS support from GM when GM is also
registered to a gatekeeper, just like for NM?

> --> no way to work around the gnugk problem from within NM. NM obviously
> expects the proxy to do all proxy work, not just h323...

> It would be very useful if GM could be extended by the
> following feature:
> o placing calls to 'cn'@'sipaddress':'port' instead of
>   'sipaddress':'port' when using ils
>   This won't harm non-proxied clients, as they accept any rubbish in
>   the cn part ;-)

I can easily do that, and I think you are right. That way we can also
register a MCU to ILS, the cn is the room name in this case.

> o place a warning, if e-mail and gk alias  mismatch

I can place that in the FAQ, but I can not put a warning to tell to the
user because there are many cases where the user doesn't want to
register his mail to the gk. I can also add the email automatically as
GK alias #2, GK alias #1 being the one in the prefs.

> Hope I didn't bore you with this lengthy text.

No it is very helpful, and it obligates me to update the FAQ. It is now
2 months that Im thinking that I have to fix the GK part.
I will do it for next release :)

> And keep things up going. GnomeMeeting is real great work!!!


> Joachim
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