Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] [Fwd: sorry]

He's at least partially correct, of course.  But I think most of us knew
that already.

However, I'm not sure why he seems to think that the list is only a
place for uber geeks to hang out.  I know I asked a bunch of elementary
questions here at first.  I can't ever recall being disappointed with
any of the answers.

If a rookie wants the ultimate in disappointment, go ahead and try to
install an h.323 client or even a SIP client on a Mac running OS X.

On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 07:33, Damien Sandras wrote:
> -----Message suivi-----
> > your gnomemeeting  list is not going to be of any use to me.  i am not a 
> > programmer, and the subjects discussed are essentially without meaning 
> > to me.   i needed some information as to what gnome-meeting connects to 
> > (will it connect with ymessenger or msnmessenger and if so what to do to 
> > make it happen).  so far there is not enough information contect to be 
> > of any use to  a nonprogrammer such as myself
> > i appreciate all the time everyone in the linux programming field have 
> > put into the linux operating system and its applications, it is a 
> > gigantic undertaking which is evolving nicely and within a few years 
> > should be able to replace windows just about completely.  
> > 2 very crucial things must happen before it will be a total windows 
> > replacement for the millions.
> > 1.  each  .rpm package must be complete with all dependencies, a one 
> > unit package that when installed, will operate on any .rpm-accepting 
> > windows variant.
> > 2.  the document files must be written by a non-programmer for the 
> > ordinary non-programmer  person, and indexed such that when an error 
> > message pops up, the ordinary person can go through the index and get a 
> > complete description of what the problem is and how to correct it.  

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