Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: GnomeMeeting-list digest, Vol 1 #447 - 7 msgs

> If it can help: I have the same problem....

And what was the solution?

If you don't find any solution I would suggest you contact Suse support
to tell them about the problem. Contacting the Suse maintainer is also a
good idea. I cc'ed him in this mail, I hope he will know what to do.

Your gconftool-2 on SUSE seems to use the gconf 1 DB instead of using
the gconf 2 DB, but I have absolutely no experience with Suse and they
are using non-conventional directories.

Another possibility would be to contact the GConf maintainer for Suse or
the GConf mailing list as it is obviously not a problem related to
GnomeMeeting, but a problem related to the installation of an underlying
library on Suse.
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