Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Traffic congestion

Am Don, 2002-11-14 um 18.41 schrieb Gilles Sadowski:
> Hello.
> First, as I'm new to the list: Thank you (Merci :-) for GnomeMeeting.
> I've noticed the following rather annoying phenomenon: when in a 
> connection with gnomemeeting, all my other network connections (http, 
> ssh, ...) are stalled. Is it normal?
> We have a 750 kb/s (128 kb/s upload) aDSL connection.
> Is there a way to limit the bandwidth used by an application to leave 
> room for other kinds of traffic?
> I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this question but even it is 
> not directly related to gnomemeeting, maybe someone will have an idea on 
> how to try and solve the problem.
> Thanks for your time.
> Gilles
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generally an ADSL connection is more than enough for one GnomeMeeting

It depends on the codec you use (I suggest speex for audio because it
needs very few bandwidth) and on the pictures/second your webcam sends.
Please check your configuration of video and have a look at the
supported audio codecs (preferences).

The second question was if there is a tool to control the bandwidth of
an application. Yes, there are some patches/tools to control your
bandwidth, but that definitely depends on your OS. Which OS do you use?


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