Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Try GnomeMeeting on ipv6

Hi Liu,

> Loopback on ipv6 with Simph323 is ok.
Does simph323 work fine between the two IPv6 pc ?

You should configure gnomemeeting to listen on an IPv6 address.
I guess it is an IPv4 by default.

Sébastien Josset

> I set one pc with ipv6 addr 3ff0:8330:200:1::1234 and another one is
> 3ff0:8330:200:1::5678. Ping6 between the two pc is ok.
> But GnomeMeeting cannot connect each other with ipv6 addr. Of course,
> with ipv4 addr everything is ok. I insert callto://
> 3ff0:8330:200:1::5678 and callto:// [3ff0:8330:200:1::5678]. Video
> stopped for a moment, but the connection did not construct. I think I
> should change 'textual address' to 'real address' as Sebastien Josset
> said. Can you give me some suggestion on that?
> Best Wishes,
> Liu Min
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> Chinese Academy of Sciences
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> E-mail: liumin ict ac cn
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