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I think that given how cheap it is now to buy a webcam and to have an
internet connection  gnomemeeting is an essential application for those
with family and friends in far away places.  I have friends and family 
all over the world.  and i tend to agree to an extent with damien i.e.
have a basic desktop and add the bits you want  or to have it all
included.  so you would have a pim, office suite, communications
software, web browser in the core desktop  so the average user doesnt
need to look for what he wants.


On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 21:15, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Personally (but it is only my opinion), I think that the core desktop
> > should only contain things like file-roller, acme, nautilus, gcalctool,
> > ... But that other applications like IM's, office suites, mail readers,
> > web browsers, GnomeMeeting, ... should be part of Fifth-Toe only and
> > not of the desktop.
> The concept of a complete desktop environment changes, and I think it's good
> to embrace the kinds of features that Apple and Microsoft are including in
> their desktops. (I'm actually writing an article about this at the moment,
> but anyway...)
> So, I believe that GNOME should include a web browser, IM client and mail
> reader (in amongst other things, but you've mentioned these specifically) in
> the Desktop release. These are appropriate for many classes of users.
> I'm just not convinced that a video/audio conferencing system is in this
> category yet. :-)
> - Jeff
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