Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] problem with ptlib

Hi Martin,

yes, ptlib is included in pwlib...

probably this small script should do for you.. (it's for CVS-version.. if you want to compile the tarball, it's configure, not, rest is the same)

if you still get problems, try to include $PWLIBDIR/lib:
and/or in your /etc/ (run ldconfig after editing in there)

export PWLIBDIR=/usr/local/pwlib
export LIBDIR=/usr/local/lib
./ \
  --with-ptlib-includes=$PWLIBDIR/include/ptlib \
  --with-ptlib-libs=$PWLIBDIR/lib \
  --with-openh323-libs=$OPENH323DIR/lib \
  --with-openh323-includes=$OPENH323DIR/include \
  --with-openssl-includes=/usr/include/openssl \
  --prefix=/opt/gnome \
  --sysconfdir=/etc/gnome && \
make && \
su -c 'make install distclean'

Best regards,
/dev/random reads at Saturday, March 23, 2002 12:59:
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