Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] no recording sound

Le mer 05/06/2002 à 14:19, morten a écrit :
> hi
> I really want to use gnomemeeting and as far as I can tell gnomemeeting is
> working properly. My problem is that I don't succeed in recording any sound
> through my micorphone.
> I use alsa, and sound works well, both the alsa and the oss compatability
> driver (at least xmms ans realplayer works).
> But I don't succeed in recording anything using arecord or grecord and,
> obviously, gnomemeeting doesn't transmit any recorded sound.
> Do you have any idees/pointers?
> mo

A few ideas :

- bad microphone or mic plugged at the wrong place
- recording volume set to 0
- mic not chosen as default recording source

You can also set up the mic boost to true to amplify the recording

If you are still unsuccesful, and if you are sure the problem is
not-Gnomemeeting specific, you could try the ALSA mailing list to see if
they have specific tips, or things to check in that case, and contribute
the answer here. It can be useful for the FAQ.

Thanks :)
 _	Damien Sandras
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