Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] What's up with ~/.gnome/gnomemeeting?

Quoting enzo bontempo it (enzo bontempo it):

> > Yesterday someone filed a grave bug against the Debian package about
> > a reproducable "PWLib Assert Failure <A>bort <R>etry <I>gnore" problem. 
> Bad installation of pwlibs (ie.. many and various version) or/and pwlibs and
> openh323libs too old. Try to upgrade to pwlib-1.2.12 and openh323_1.8.0

Yeah, that's great, everybody tells me that, but the guy has the same
version of pwlibs & openh323libs as I have, and the same as GnomeMeeting
depends on. So unless his Debian distribution is 'screwed' theres
nothing wrong with the version of gnomemeeting <-> the version of

So.. Once again, what could cause the assert failures?


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