Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] not working

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, lee johnson wrote:

> hi..
>    any chance anyone with a intel create and share USB cam has this
> working yet ???

usb.c: registered new driver spca50x
drivers/usb/spca50x.c: USB SPCA50x camera found. Type Intel Create and 
Share (SPCA501?+SAA7113?)
drivers/usb/spca50x.c: data format set to RGB
drivers/usb/spca50x.c: spca50x driver version 0.10 registered

My vendor/product IDs are: 0x733 and 0x401

On the bottom of the camera:

Model CS330
Intel P/N 735147-003

The camera works pretty well under gnomemeeting and gqcam, it's only real
issues are a) the driver doesn't support 176x144 yet though I'm earnestly
searching for the right numbers to enable that mode and b) white balance
and other non-brightness adjustments aren't there yet, but this hasn't
been a problem to me.

One caveat:  I had to back out the 1.24 cvs patch listed below to make my
camera work properly with gnomemeeting (either 0.12.2 or current CVS).  
I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this problem...

Quick fix for Gnomemeeting/PWLib problems seen on SPCA50x -
VIDIOCSWIN sets size on frame[0] to new size

/spca50x/spca50x/drivers/usb/spca50x.c   Line 2645
                     if (result == 0) {                           
                            spca50x->frame[0].width = vw.width;
                            spca50x->frame[0].height = vw.height;



-Jonathan <davis jdhouse org>

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